Wands of Love

Are individual creations of specially formed wooden pieces combined with natural materials.

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Enchanted Nests

A nest is a cup of space, a place where past and future meet, reimagined with organic objects and materials.

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Shell Spirals

The dynamic spiral is the archetypal form of life. Inwardly it leads to the realm of emotion, outwardly its pours its power into the world.

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Feather Mandalas

The feather symbolizes the lightness of being. Naturally brilliant colored feathers arranged to symbolize spiritual and ritual mandalas.

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Eyes and Knots

A collection of wooden objects frozen in movement. Knots, twists and loops brought into context with other materials are ready for a dialogue with the spectator

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Growth Rhythms

Seeds, buttons and pods placed in endlessly repetitive patterns represent the rhythms of growth.

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About the Artist 

As an artist it is my intention to open the spectators eyes for the beauty of Nature. The natural found objects and the idea of nesting are subjects deeply rooted in my work. Re-engineered small worlds that can be openly viewed within the confinement of the physical frame itself.

If I travel through the world's various landscape I find myself driven by an inner yearning to find something. What it will exactly be I don't know, as I do not seek something specific, but find and repeatedly allow myself to be surprised. From the rich variety of my found objects I create my art work.