About Constanze

1953 Born in Leipzig, East Germany

1959 Moved as a refugee to Frankfurt, West Germany

1970 Graduation at Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf School in Frankfurt

1970-1980 Education in business and art (sculpture classes)

1987 Published book: “Droge Pferd” (Horse Stories), by H.H., L.B. Ahnert-Verlag,

Friedberg, 1987, ISBN 3-921142-67-9

1992 Published book: “Schöner Morgen wird das liebste meiner Pferde”,

Fischer Verlag 1995, Frankfurt, ISBN 3-89501-132-0-2

1993-1995 Sculpture studies in Germany/Hessen and in Italy/Tuscany

1995 Beginning of Artistic Work

• “Object-trouvers” and collages with found natural material as stones,

bark, wood, metal, shells, seeds, horns, feathers and more

• Wooden sculptures from naturally formed, exotic tree branches and

trunks in combination with metal, stones, horn etc.

• Stone sculptures

• Bronze objects

1996 Installation of stones and trees based on the Fengshui philosophy, near Frankfurt.

1996 – 2002 Study group “Searching for clues to Goethes Faust”,

(classic mythology)

1997-2003 Expositions in various galleries in Munich and Frankfurt

1998 Own gallery “angel, human, nature” in Oberursel/Frankfurt

1998 Jewelry collection Gloria, with Atelier Jeweler Friedrich, Frankfurt

1998 Published book: “Engel – Liebe ist der Weg (Angel – Love is the way)”,

Windpferd Verlag 1998, ISBN 3-89385-283

1998-1999 Study journeys with Marco Pogacnik (sculptor and geomantic)

to Nepal and Tibet, Venice/Italy and Chartres/France

1999-2001 Art Installation: “100 Waechtersteine – 100 Sentry Stones”

in Oberursel/Frankfurt.

• Artistic arrangement in a residential and industrial region of 100

long oval and globular naturally formed stones in different formations (gate,

circle, spiral, pairs and single menhirs, high 4 – 15 feet.)

2001 Published book: “100 Waechtersteine – 100 Sentry Stones”, Societaetsverlag,

Frankfurt, ISBN 3-7973-0790-X

2001 Art Installation in front of the old memorial Jewish Cemetery

between Bad Homburg and Friedrichsdorf

• 12 basalt pillars (height approx. 9 feet) in two groups

of 6 pillars in a form of a hexagon; In every pillar one

jewel from the priest’s cloak (II. Book Moses, 39) was imbedded

2002 Published book: “Shalom – Ein Zeichen fuer den Frieden, Shalom – A Sign for Peace”,

Societaetsverlag, Frankfurt, ISBN 3-7973-0822-1

2003 – 2004 Move to Malibu, work in studio

2010 – 2013 Landscape design applying the Indian philosophy of Vastu

2012 Study group  at “Olandar” with artist, write, philosopher and renaissance man Leigh Mccloskey

2012 – Present, work in studio and exhibitions in Malibu and L.A.