Malibu Peace Monument - Path of Life

The oceans waves crest and roll in spiral forms against the coastline. The Chumash Native Americans named this place “Humaliwo”, which translates: “the surf sounds loudly”. The cities name was derived from this and became known as “Malibu”.  In nature, the dynamic shape of the spiral is the prototype for life. The spiral is not only the symbol for movement and progress, but also a metaphor for the cycle of death and reincarnation, a symbol for eternal life. the elements of ancient rituals and Mother Nature play an important role in the theme of the peace monument.

Built of 46 naturally shaped basalt columns, the Malibu Peace Monument resembles a temple with an open ceiling exposed to the sky. The monument’s path winds itself in and out of the DNA’s  double spiral, a magnified version of the human blueprint: ”The Path of Life.”

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“Casa del Sol” VASTU garden in Malibu

Landscaping of a 2 acre property in Malibu, CA with the harmonizing color chard of the VASTU teachings from India.The garden around the house is divided in 8 tart like pieces with the help of a compass wind rose and its 8 different directions. Every section is consequently planted with a diversity of flowering plants. All blooming in color coordination to represent the planet belonging to the respective direction. These color patterns surround the house in a calm flow and influence the mind and soul of the inhabitants and spectators alike.


Shalom - A sign for Peace

The art project  “Shalom - A sign for Peace” is located outside of a very old jewish cemetery in Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt/Germany. Located on a soft hillside, a hidden treasure between the forest, apple orchards and pastures. The old charm of the cemetery setting and the admirable features of its gravestones which decorate the place like sparkling jewels remained untouched, while in front of the gate something new was created which leans on the old.

The installation includes a customized welted metal fence with a continuous pattern of circles designed by the artist. The circle is a symbol for loyalty, friendship and eternity. A two winged gate with twin arches to remind us of the stone tablets shape - such as those upon Moses inscribed the 10 commandments on receiving the laws from God at Mt. Sinai more than 3500 years ago (Exodus, 20, Old Testament).

On both sides in front of the cemetery gate are six naturally hexagon shaped basalt columns. Both groups are arranged closely together configuring each yet an other two Hexagon formations.

Everyone of the 12 columns is ornamented with a different colored gemstone - each symbolizing one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

“Shalom” is intended as an artistic stimulus for people to consider the meaning of the word peace, to contemplate and communicate with one another.


100 Sentry Stones

These "100 Sentry Stones” in their naturally oval forms between 4 - 15 feet high were placed within urban architecture in a commercial district in the city of Oberursel near Frankfurt/Germany.

Starting from access roads with their various intersections and forks, the concept was devised in which these “strategic" points in the district were adorned with an unexpected element. Groups of standing stones “guard” crossroads, entrances and other settings. The stones accompany visitors around the district and are an eye catcher in an otherwise unknown surrounding.

Indigenous to the region, these so-called Sentry Stones are foundlings made of solidified lava rock known as Diabase.